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>>Therefore, if you want to talk about standard, you really need to DEFINE
the set of standards you are talking about.

I did. XHTML and CSS.





The web standards I am talking about are not as fluid as you indicate. there
is a book coming out soon entitled,  "Forward Compatibility: Designing &
Building With Standards" by Jeffrey Zeldman
Here is a chapter excerpt that is very worth reading:

When we do get to the UI, I'd strongly suggest tableless layout.

My suggestion to use web standards does not answer all the questions. That
is just a basic starting point that I believe needs to be set as a ground
rule before design elements are discussed. The current Sword Project site
uses non-standard, invalid markup and I'd like to not fall into the same
pitfall on a web front-end of Sword itself.

by grace alone,

Don A. Elbourne Jr.