[sword-devel] "Inofficial" modules

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 00:02:35 +0100


someone on the support list asked whether we would also include
fiction works, specifically his fantasy stories that are somewhat
allegorical. I sort of told him that it wouldn't be suitable for the
official Sword module list (see my reply below).

Are there any plans to have an "inofficial" module list? I noticed
Troy has some err... nonbiblical modules ;-) on his qpsword page (I
even read one...). If not, I might be interested in doing one myself
-- I plan to convert the Pater Brown texts from CCEL.org for my train
rides :)


(excerpt of reply to Dan)
>The "General Books" category as I understand it is meant for books
>that relate directly to the bible, or to the research of it. We
>publish modules that are generally "accepted" by the body of Christ
>(for some definition of accepted :o)). 
>However, that only relates to being published "officially" on the
>Sword pages. You would be free to convert your texts into Sword module
>format and offer them on your website (or I could include them into
>the Sword module repository on my website, if you don't have one).
>We don't have plans for a "inofficial" module list that includes
>fiction works. I'll go and stir up a discussion about it on the
>developer list and see what comes out of it :).

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