(Fwd) Re: [sword-devel] How to make modules.

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 22:04:13 +0700

Dear Chris,

I need to tag the ThaiKJV module with headers and red lettering for
the words of Christ.  How do I do that?  Is it suppose to be done
before using imp2vs or make changes after running the imp2vs program? 

 Also, once we have the module made, how do we setup for colaberation
on assigning Strong's numbers to the text?

Using the uconv program on the file did not work.  All text, even the
keys, was converted and the imp2vs program croaked on it!  I am going
to try to use Pladao Office (Thai version of StarOffice) to save the
file.  It will save to a plain text file and convert just the Thai
letters to unicode!  I believe this will produce what I am looking

Thanks for your help.

Yours for Thailand,
Richard Guay