[sword-devel] Alternative to vpl

Mike R sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 06:27:26 -0600

I've been trying to make modules lately, and been using vpl (verse-per-line) 
files to do so.  Now I want to make a module of the Message 
translation/paraphrase of the Bible but I don't know how to do indents and 
how to keep the program from going to a new line for every verse.  I'm trying 
to use ThML, but I don't know enough about the SWORD implementation (or is 
this a Bibletime thing?) to know which tags are supported.  <verse> and <l> 
tags did not work.  Someone  have any hints?

"It seems most people have something in their lives called Gravy. They know 
truth but it is buried under thickening and spices of convenience, 
materialism, insecurity, and fear. They also have something in their lives 
called Frosting. It seems to represent that they spend almost all the seconds 
of their existence in doing superficial, artificial, temporary, pleasant 
tasting, nice appearing projects and spend very few actual seconds of their 
lives developing their eternal beings."
~Australian Aboriginal