[sword-devel] Copyright: You guys already started?

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
05 Feb 2003 10:53:50 +0000

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Hey Guys,

	Troy, never said anything able the fact that I was stepping down at the
end of February, so it looks like things are already starting to
transition. Which is great...but I just wasn't aware of it. I was going
to send all of my contact stuff at the end of February but if people are
stepping up to the job already then let me provide you with the
information I have, so you can get an idea of what I have done and what
still needs to be accomplished. The only contact that I want to keep up
on until the end of February is with Julene Kaiser with the Third
Millennium Bible. Other than that please feel free to pick up any
e-mails or contacts that come through the copyright@crosswire.org e-mail
address. And I am not sure how Troy has it setup but are people getting
the e-mail from jhughes@crosswire.org too?
	So if you are actively taking the copyright contacts please e-mail me
at declaretruth@yahoo.com and let me know if you would like to have all
of my information right now. I can perhaps put it up on a website for
you to view and go through. If anyone has questions about some of the
copyright contacts or what I have done please feel free to e-mail me at
my personal e-mail address: declaretruth@yahoo.com=20
	Troy, should I send you all my stuff now? Should I consider my job done
now? I would like to keep in contact with Julene Kaiser just because I
let her know that I wouldn't be going anywhere until the end of
	Just need some communication.

-Jonathan Hughes
jhughes@crosswire.org or declaretruth@yahoo.com

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