[sword-devel] MacSword 0.2.1

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 5 Feb 2003 08:15:14 +0100

Yes, I recommend that you use sf. You'll not regret it. We made many good 
experiences with it at the BibleTime project so far.


Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 00:51 schrieb Will Thimbleby:
> Hi all,
> I've just done some major bug fixing, and there is a new version of
> MacSword available.
> http://www.heathmoor.plus.com/macsword/
> I was also wondering if you could give me some advice. More people are
> getting involved in MacSword, and I probably need to set up something
> like, putting the code in CVS. How should I do this? Is it worth
> setting up a source forge project?
> Cheers, Will
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