[sword-devel] GCC 3.2

Brook Humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 12:53:01 -0700

On Sunday 29 September 2002 12:07 pm, Fred Laxton wrote:
> I just installed Mandrake 9.0 (final), which has GCC 3.2.  Sword
> compiled fine, but neither BibleTime or GnomeSword would compile.  I
> plan to volunteer to set up RPMs for Mandrake 9.0 for Sword, BibleTime
> and GnomeSword as soon as they work  ;-)  and post them on MandrakeClub.
>   Maybe they will become a part of the next official release of Mandrake?
> I already had installed all three on Yellow Dog Linux, which also uses
> KDE3 but uses the older GCC 2.95 compiler.
> So it seems like neither GnomeSword or BibleTime have been updated.  I
> joined the GnomeSword mailling list and inquired about this, but haven't
> heard back yet.  No response from the Bibletime mailing list
> subscription as of yet (it's been one day).
> Regards,
> Fred
I currently do the rpm's for mandrake. If you would like to share spec's let 
me know.

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