[sword-devel] SIL Ezra fonts

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 21:47:36 +0200

The only real use the fonts for Ezra have, is the BHS module.
It is here that the real test begins because this it the only module that is
currently available that has both the nikkud (vowels) and cantillation

So far its a huge improvement on the previous fonts...I resorted to using
Times New Roman since it was the best...(Code 2000 being terrible to look
at)...now I can look at the BHS much more easier, and the cantillations
don't interfere with the spacing...well done...

However there are two problems
1. the Dagesh (both Lene and Forte) are not spaced correctly, looking in
other documents (i.e. my wordprocessor) it seems fine...so it could be
module related...the dagesh has moved to the left more so than it should.

2. The second problem is that the style of Ezra is actually not correctly
done Hebrew it is a style that looks similar to printed books, but its not
quite the same...I would like to make two suggestions...either follow the
Unicode Times New Roman letters as a basis for an additional Unicode
Ezra...(also make the cantillation marks less "Arial" and more "Times
Roman")...or alternatively make them all based on the Torah Sofer script
(i.e. those found in scrolls), currently, no such UNICODE font exists, and
while you're about it would be great to have Rashi script also in unicode...


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