[sword-devel] new features list

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 23:54:13 +0100

On Thursday 26 Sep 2002 11:03 pm, you wrote:
> Hey guys.  Working on a some release materials for hyping the next
> version and am trying to remember all we added.  Here's a few things off
> the top of my head.  Anything else I'm forgetting that you particularly
> like and think is valuable hype material?
> User Interface Localization
> Customizable Color/Font Scheme Selection
> Better Internationalization/Unicode Support
> Better Verse List Manipulation
> Mouse-over Hints for:
> 	Strongs Numbers
> 	Quick Verse Lookups
> 	Dictionary/Word Lookups

I assume 'next version' means 1.5.4 that is about to be released and not 
1.5.5 (or whatever it is called).

I can't remember offhand, is the general book support (or at least released 
modules for it) new in 1.5.4?