[sword-devel] GCC 3.2

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Sun, 29 Sep 2002 14:27:52 -0400

What kind of support for gcc3.2 does sword have? And bibletime and gnomesword 
for that matter. I was thinking about making some packages for gentoo linux, 
but I need to be sure that gcc3.2 is supported since alot of people are 
upgrading to gentoo 1.4 which uses gcc3.2 (it's a source based distribution 
that has a package system that's sorta like BSD's ports)

Also does the install manager work yet? I noticed that the VCL component 
didn't have any make files or configure script or anything when I tried to 
build it earlier? Was that just forgotten?

And while I have everyone's attention who do I yell at to get put on the 
bt-devel list? I've applied several times but never got approved.
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