[sword-devel] Re:link svl files instant topical index

Daniel Adams - InfoChi sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 18:08:45 -0700

The reason why I am asking about having the SVL files being able to open from 
the command line, is because I have much much more of a library than it seems 
that Geoffrey is describing that he has. I would desire the ability to through 
other programs, or scripts to make SVL files from my library on command, and 
then open them in BibleCS. Geoffrey, if by any chance you have your 
bookmark/SVL files that you describe, I would be interested and willing to add 
them to my personal knowledge, and my online library, which others can access. 
I am at the current time working at making various parts of my library more 
accessable, even though it is currently public.

By the grace of God,
Dan Adams

Quoting Geoffrey W Hastings <geoffreyhastings@juno.com>:

> On Thu, 12 Sep 2002 22:39:51 +0200 "Daniel Freedman"
> <dannyza1981@yahoo.co.uk> writes:
> > I like the suggestions
> > 
> > But to be more precise, maybe for a next release, you could link svl 
> > files with bookmarks, thus, you create your bookmark list from a choice
> > svl verse list... and voila - instant topical index....
> > 
> > DF
> I have set my book marks up already in a topical format by using folders
> and sub-folders in my verse list folder.
> I have a folder for Salvation, a folder for baptism, a folder for
> Godhead, A folder for Pre-Law practices, etc..
> Under Baptism I have svl files on Immersion, After Conversion, When (how
> soon), Why, and so on.
> If I have a svl list that fits more than one topic I just put a shortcut
> for it in the other folders that it applies to. An example of this would
> be Tithing, It fits under Pre-Law practices and also under stewardship
> and Finances or giving.
> In each folder I have a shortcut back to the main (top) folder which
> serves as a topical index.
> In this way you can set up as many topics and subtopics as you desire.
> I had thought of just putting a note in my bookmarks to reference related
> verse lists. A link could be handy.

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