[sword-devel] Sword Verse Lists

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 12 Sep 2002 07:13:41 -0500

That would be a great feature that I would like to be able to use too.

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>     My idea was to be able to create and download specific SVL files that
> containg lists of verses that pertain to a certain topic and be able to
> them load in BibleCS. I am intersted in working on getting a idea of this
> and running. The thing I would need from the others is the ability to open
> SVL files from the command line, and not from the button withing the Verse
> section in BibleCS. Similar to the ability to be able to double click on a
> *.doc file in windows explorer, as an example, and have it start Word with
> file loaded into view.
>     Would it be possible to be able to make it so that one can double
click on
> a *.svl file in windows explorer and have it automatically start BibleCS
> open a Verse List window with that file in view? If this capability could
> added, then I would be able to make this idea possible. My idea could be
> possible through the method of having a user click to open the file
> from the website and not save it to the disk first. Then a person could
view a
> pre-choosen verse list in BibleCS with the corresponding verses displayed.
>     Right now I am at work, and although I have setup the RC4 thing that
> mentioned earlier, I haven't tested to see what verses are displayed
> the idea I had mentioned earlier, I will do this.
>     If it is still unclear what my feature request is for, I will be glad
> elaborate more.
> By the grace of God,
> Dan Adams
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