[sword-devel] Sword Verse Lists

Daniel Adams - InfoChi sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 19:46:17 -0700

    My idea was to be able to create and download specific SVL files that 
containg lists of verses that pertain to a certain topic and be able to have 
them load in BibleCS. I am intersted in working on getting a idea of this up 
and running. The thing I would need from the others is the ability to open the 
SVL files from the command line, and not from the button withing the Verse List 
section in BibleCS. Similar to the ability to be able to double click on a 
*.doc file in windows explorer, as an example, and have it start Word with that 
file loaded into view.
    Would it be possible to be able to make it so that one can double click on 
a *.svl file in windows explorer and have it automatically start BibleCS and 
open a Verse List window with that file in view? If this capability could be 
added, then I would be able to make this idea possible. My idea could be made 
possible through the method of having a user click to open the file directly 
from the website and not save it to the disk first. Then a person could view a 
pre-choosen verse list in BibleCS with the corresponding verses displayed.
    Right now I am at work, and although I have setup the RC4 thing that was 
mentioned earlier, I haven't tested to see what verses are displayed through 
the idea I had mentioned earlier, I will do this.
    If it is still unclear what my feature request is for, I will be glad to 
elaborate more.

By the grace of God,
Dan Adams

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