[sword-devel] New modules & beta versions to test (urgently)

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:23:50 +1200

(Using The SWORD Project for Windows (rc3)

> > Concerning the BDB module, I downloaded it and placed everything in the
> > correct places, opened up Bibletime 1.3pr, clicked on the BDB module in
> > the main index, and the module name and numbers for the words appear in
> > the drop-down menu, but other than that, the BDB definitions themselves
> > appear to be completely absent.
> That is a puzzling report.  Is anyone else seeing anything like this?
> I removed the module name entry from the index, so the first entry should
> be 00001.  Then after the 08853 entry, Hebrew words should be listed in
> the box.  In any case, if entry names are present, the definitions should
> be present too because they're contained in the same file.

I see what you describe Chris, but I can't get the "dictionary lookup" to
find the Hebrew words (tried from Aleppo, BHS, and HebModern)
Same with Thayer.
Also... Thayer shows entries in all uppercase greek. I can't really complain
about this due to software I'm writing doing the same thing with english,
but it looks strange, and mat be related to why I can't do lookups.

I've just experimented some more, I can copy the word, and paste into the
top of the list of words, and the correct word often turns up (have to turn
off cantillation, vowel points, and greek accents) But right clicking the
word and getting a dictionary lookup does not work. Glossary pop-up works.

Entries still display @ in the middle of words for a few entries. (should

> > Concerning the MHC module, unless it's operator error (me), in
> every link that
> > is a semi-colon separated sequence of verses from different
> books (or different
> > chapters, I would guess), it is treated as only one link (which
> means that if
> > there are references to Genesis and Exodus, I was only able to
> choose Genesis,
> > as the semi-colon separated sequence of verses is treated only
> as one link)
> This sounds like a Bibletime bug (or an unforseen case).  I have never
> been that familiar with BT's abilities, so maybe one of the developers
> could comment on whether this is the case.

I'm not seeing this problem, but I have found links in MHC that don't all
eg Half way down the entry for Gen 1:1 there is
John i. 3, 10; Eph. iii. 9; Col. i. 16; Heb. 1. 2
The resulting verse list does not include Hebrews 1:2

MHC, JFB, and RWP appear to be showing chapter and book heading entries
ok... except for what looks like a rc3 bug when swapping between books of
the bible, where the verse always advances to the first verse, and when
swappign between modules, where the entry for the last verse of the previous
chapter is shown.