[sword-devel] Dictionary popup bug in rc3

Matthew Donadio sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 09 Sep 2002 16:47:35 -0400

I'm don't know if this has to do with rc3 or the module, but there is a
bug with the dictionary popup in the KJV module.

In the KJV module, Strongs numbers seem to be numbered differently in
the OT and the NT.

In the NT, numbers appear as <123>, ie without leading zeros.  The
corresponding dictionary lookup will goto 00123.  This works OK for both
dictionary lookups and dictionary popups.

In the OT, numbers appear as either <0123> or <01234>, ie there is
always at least one leading zero.  The dictionary lookup works for both,
but the popup for entries like <0123> are blank.  The best example of
this is in Ge 1:1.  The popup for God <0430> is blank.

This is the only module that I have that is numbered this way.  What
modules have Strong's numbers?

Matthew Donadio (m.p.donadio@ieee.org)