[sword-devel] Sword Verse Lists - bug or feature?

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 08 Sep 2002 19:06:25 -0700

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

These are big problems that arose from me trying to fix a few small 
things before release.  Working on it.  The previews of both the 
verselist and the search results controls are still intended to display 
only a single verse.


Daniel Adams wrote:
> A clarification, on the example that I had tried, Only the reference of
> "Matthew 4:1" showed up in the main part of that window, the text of
> that verse did not. Also does anyone have an idea why I am seeing so
> much text (2 chapters) in the bottom pane of that window for both verse
> lists and searches?
> By the grace of God,
> Dan Adams
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> At 03:08 PM 9/8/2002 -0700, Daniel Adams wrote:
>>        I know I am replying to my own message, but I found a bug that
>>is at least contradictory to what is in the current help file. I 
>>created a *.svl file containing "Matthew 4:1-11;". It displayed in the 
>>main part of the window, "Matthew 4:1" and in the bottom portion of the
>>window, Matthew 4 through Matthew 5:47, which oddly enough is the 
>>second to last verse of that chapter. Did I make a mistake with how I 
>>made up that *.svl file, or is it a bug in the sword RC3 program I am 
>>using or both? Also is there any way to select what module, or to use 
>>multiple modules at the same time.
> I think the entry in the help file you are referring to is, "If a range
> is 
> given the first chapter or verse in the range is listed." As you said, 
> "Matthew 4:1 displayed in the main part of the window." That was the
> point 
> of the entry in the help file. But, I will change that entry to "If a
> range 
> is given the reference for the first chapter or verse in the range is 
> listed." I don't personally know if the long display of the preview
> panel 
> is a bug or a feature. There have been other questions posted on that
> and I 
> don't think anyone has answered. If it is a feature, it would be better
> if 
> the target verse was a different color or highlighted. Same thing for
> the 
> search preview. I like these long previews, but I would like to see
> where 
> the target verse starts and ends.
> Jerry