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Sun, 8 Sep 2002 16:59:05 -0700

	I do have an idea of how do an interface, but it involves some
of the GenBooks being interpreted sort of like regular modules, and in
general for all of the GenBooks as treekeys. I am thinking that maybe in
the module's *.conf file there could be something stated that the module
could be treated as a Bible book with (Book Chapter:Verse) style as it
normally is. I know that this may seem like at least at first treating
what are non-canonical books as canonical, but for this I can think of 3
such GenBooks to use, BoM, Jasher, 1EnochCharles. I haven't used the
non-English ones so I don't know which ones to include in this idea. I
am also thinking that if someone creates a GenBook, then in the *.conf
file for the module they could say what a good method of interface for
that module would be, and to include also the full treekey as a default
fallback method. I am mainly suggesting this idea because GenBook is
very inclusive of many different types of works.
	For the BoM module, I think for the Book name, using the
individual books in that module would make sense.
	For the Enoch and Jasher modules, "1 Enoch" or "Jasher" would
make sense. I imagine that info could be found in the module. This whole
idea (in my opinion) stays consistent to how these works are used in a
research citation, just as for a Bible citation, one might use "John
3:16-17" for example.

By the grace of God,
Dan Adams

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On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Daniel Adams wrote:

> 	I might have mentioned some interests in the Diatheke part of
> Sword project, but since I have been unable to get some ideas on my 
> own and since school has once again started up, I am occupied with 
> most of my time with other stuff including other help relating to the 
> Sword project. I was going to ask, since at the current moment, it 
> does not look as if it is currently possible. Is there any current or 
> soon to be support for the GenBook modules, I have some that I would 
> be interested in brining up in Diatheke.

Possibly soon.

I've got a couple of patches from people that I need to integrate, which

should fix some of the bugs in searching at least.  I'm not sure how 
GenBook support would work with Diatheke.  Can you suggest an interface?

I could require users to supply full treekeys like "/1Enoch/4/5" but
seems a bit un-user-friendly.  The other option might be to generate
kind of tree for the user, but that would be a great deal more work to 
implement in an HTML-friendly way.