[sword-devel] Sword.chm update - as group project

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:43:56 -0700

At 07:12 AM 9/4/2002 -0700, David Trotz wrote:
>I vote against general book format for the reason that chm files have help
>id's that can be linked directly to a help button which can give context
>sensitive help if we add the support in sword. It is my desire to do that
>someday soon. And no general book format does not at this time support

That is a good point. I think that could be built into the gen book 
support. But, there are two many things missing from it now. Gen book would 
have been good for those people that don't want to have IE installed.

When you start doing the context help, I can give you the names of the 
anchors for any topics. Or, you can download:
and do a search for "name=" in the html files, to find the closest one. You 
will find that in some places there are more than one anchor at the same 
place. This is because the TOC entries that use the same anchor are 
displayed in the TOC the same in the TOC. The index entries don't have that 
problem, but in some case I placed anchors for a few index entries together 
in the code. One would have worked but sometimes one of the anchors will 
move down in the text as info is added to another part of the topic it is a 
subtopic of.  Anyway, pick the anchor that has a name that best matches 
what you are after.

Perhaps I should rename the anchors. Start all anchors used in the TOC with 
TOC and start index anchors with X and anchors used by BibleCS with BCS. 
This way anybody inserting, deleting or reordering text will know just what 
is being effected. We probably don't need separate BCS anchor names. If an 
item in the TOC or index gives you what you want, and the description of 
the item is right, the anchor for it will probably always be right, even if 
it moves. You just wouldn't have any protection if someone renamed or 
deleted an anchor. If I do decide to add TOC and X to the names after you 
link to them, your links will be broken.

Would you like to be able to edit text, TOC, or index, or add anchors? If 
so, we should come up with a way to coordinate. If not, I can make changes 
for you.

You were the only person to respond to the message about making the help 
files a group project. I am not much of a drum beater, so translation of 
the files is probably a dead topic, as are any changes, enhancement I don't 
have the time or pressing desire to do.