[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.4.5rc2

Steve Tang sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 10:23:35 -0600 (MDT)

> Yes, the search can be conducted in Chinese, and the results are
> displayed in Chinese. That's because the edit control and list are
> "hand-drawn", so to speak. But it doesn't work on WIndows 95/98/ME,
> only on 2k/XP. Even my own Chinese-English dictionary module doesn't
> work for me :-) because the lookup also only works on 2k/XP.
> I'm not ruling out the possibility that Sword could be wholly
> localized in future (including menus, butons etc.), but this is
> something that needs to be tested first -- it'll be another release or
> two before we see this, I guess.

My guess, being so-so in VC++5 programming and ignorant in BC++, is that
the main sword windows is a multi-document interface which doesn't support
unicode well, while the search dialog is "hand-drawn" dialog which can be
hacked into utf-8 awareness.

> >I wish someone is sure zh_cn.conf & zh_tw.conf work correctly in Chinese
> >windows.
> I tried to find a Chinese version of Windows here in Singapore, but so
> far had no luck. If it works with NJStar, it should work with a
> Chinese version of Windows, though. I'll try harder to find a Chinese
> Windows here and see what I can report. I'll be going to Hong Kong in
> about three weeks; I'm quite confident I should find an opportunity to
> test drive the locales there. :-)
> What is your concern? Do the files look weird to you in total, or is
> it that some of the stuff looks right and some is wrong? If the
> latter, what looks wrong? Bible book names only or menu translations
> also? Can you give an example of wrong strings?
> The translator of the local files was somebody on this list, I
> think. It would be helpful if he would speak up, I guess... ;-)

The beta-released zh_??.conf files look suspecious to me, when I open them
with a few editors and Chinese browsers I have in hand. The [Text] section
looks fine, but at the end of [Books Abbrevs] section the book names seem
to be corrupted. E.g. Genesis becomes 'creation-world-bowl', 1Kings
becomes 'various-mourn-book-1'.

I have had funny experiences with various Chinese systems, including
Chinese Windows. So I won't say these files are indeed corrupted yet.

Steve Tang...