[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.4.5rc2

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 10:37:36 +0800

>Wait a sec. Our tireless hackers were able to localize the search dialog.

Yes and no. Fully localized would mean that "Search Type: Mult
Word/Phrase/Regular Expression", "Search", "Ok", "Help" all appear
in Chinese Characters. They don't. Well, they are not all translated in
the file also. But e.g. the Help button is translated. Yet,
selecting the Chinese locale does not show me the button in Chinese
characters -- it shows me some weird Latin-1 letters (หตร๗). Do you
see what I mean? It works with German because German Windows uses the
same character set as English Windows (Latin-1 or ISO-8859-1), but the
same problems occur e.g. with Thai or any other language that uses
letters outside Latin-1.

Yes, the search can be conducted in Chinese, and the results are
displayed in Chinese. That's because the edit control and list are
"hand-drawn", so to speak. But it doesn't work on WIndows 95/98/ME,
only on 2k/XP. Even my own Chinese-English dictionary module doesn't
work for me :-) because the lookup also only works on 2k/XP.

I'm not ruling out the possibility that Sword could be wholly
localized in future (including menus, butons etc.), but this is
something that needs to be tested first -- it'll be another release or
two before we see this, I guess.

>But I still wish we can accomodate different flavors of people the best we
>can, and my hats off to those who work around ideosyncracies to get His
>Word out.

Yes, same here. It takes a great heart to invest your time to
implement all this weird Unicode stuff for people you don't know, even
though everything is working perfectly for you. Thanks!

>I wish someone is sure zh_cn.conf & zh_tw.conf work correctly in Chinese

I tried to find a Chinese version of Windows here in Singapore, but so
far had no luck. If it works with NJStar, it should work with a
Chinese version of Windows, though. I'll try harder to find a Chinese
Windows here and see what I can report. I'll be going to Hong Kong in
about three weeks; I'm quite confident I should find an opportunity to
test drive the locales there. :-)

What is your concern? Do the files look weird to you in total, or is
it that some of the stuff looks right and some is wrong? If the
latter, what looks wrong? Bible book names only or menu translations
also? Can you give an example of wrong strings?

The translator of the local files was somebody on this list, I
think. It would be helpful if he would speak up, I guess... ;-)


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