[sword-devel] Packard's module

anthony kerr sword-devel@crosswire.org
08 Nov 2002 23:11:40 +0000

Hi guys

I downloaded the Packard's Morphological Codes module tonight, as I am
getting ready for four years at Moore Theological College, and have been
encouraged to seriously start Greek.

I was unable to choose Packard as the default morphological lexicon in
Bibletime.  I updated both Sword and Bibletime cvs. Recompiled both. 
Still no luck. 

I was able to choose the Thayer module but it was not what I wanted. 
Hmmm.  So I checked the .conf file for Thayer vs Packard and noticed the
following lines in Thayer and not in Packard.


So I added them to the Packard .conf and my problem was solved. Have I
discovered a wee bug (I would love to think I have helped the project in
some small way)

in Christ