[sword-devel] .conf lang tags

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 7 Nov 2002 18:13:05 +0100

> The example Victor gave, of a user wanting different fonts for German and
> English, isn't a very good one since both are in Latin-1 and in the same
> script.  But it might be useful to provide a mechanism for rendering
> different scripts in different fonts (e.g. an English text with Greek
> words, like RWP).  For this, however, you don't need any information other
> than that held in the codepoint value itself (since they all map to a
> single script in Unicode).

Right, but would parsing the entire text not be a little too expensive 
concerning cpu time? To ensure proper rendering you'd have to check every 
single character, and maybe put corresponding font tags around it.

Imo, this seems unnecessary. Afaik, in Osis, the <language> tag specifies the 
document's main language, and the <foreign> tag marks text within the 
document that is in another language (yall know that better than I do). This 
mechanism is exactly what is needed. The only issue are the keys of a 
dictionary, because they do not have markup and sometimes are of a different 
language than other keys and/or the entire module.