[sword-devel] stepdump question

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 14:17:12 -0700

Chris Knox,

You might be able to get a vpl file from the stepdump output.  Not sure 
how good you are with a scripting language, but you could probably grep 
for lines with
{\*\stepconcordanceon }\nosupersub

which seem to preceed each verse that you want in vpl file.

Rather than get the line numbering correct, you might wish to start each 
line with the key for that line, as vpl2mod will also take files in the 

gen1:1 In the beginning...

If the key does not preceed the line, there has to be exactly the 
correct number of lines in the file for each verse in the KJV verse 
numbering scheme, plus on line for each of: module heading, testament 
heading, book heading, chapter heading.

(the heading lines may be left blank, but there needs to be at least an 
empty line.

I know this isn't an easy answer.  My apologies for not having a better 


Knox, Chris wrote:
> I had a few minutes free & decided to try converting my STEP Bibles to 
> Sword again. The step2vpl is still crashing, but the stepdump seems to 
> work. It spits out a 14MB file that looks like:
> Reading Version Record (16 bytes)
> Version Record Information
> versionRecordSize: 18
> publisherID: 21
> bookID: 156
> setID: 0
> conversionProgramVerMajor: 2
> conversionProgramVerMinor: 0
> leastCompatSTEPVerMajor: 2
> leastCompatSTEPVerMinor: 0
> encryptionType: 0
> editionID: 1
> modifiedBy: 0
> Skipping 2 unknown bytes.
> Reading Header Control Word Area (940 bytes)
> headerControlWordArea:
> ========== skip a bunch of lines ===========
> Then, way down in all of this stuff, I see:
> \stepconcordanceoff {\*\stepconcordanceon }
> \plain \steplang1033 \b1 \fs32 Genesis 1
> \stepconcordanceoff {\*\stepconcordanceon }
> \par \pard \fi360 \sa60
> \stepstartlevel3
> \stepconcordanceoff {\*\stepconcordanceon }
> \plain \stepconcordanceoff \v1 \steplang1033
> \v0 \super 1{\*\stepconcordanceon }\nosupersub In the beginning God 
> created\stepconcordanceoff \v1
> \steplink
> \v0 \super \f14 \'a3
> {\*\steplinkto1 0000034575}
> {\*\stepconcordanceon }\nosupersub \f0 the heavens and the earth. \pard 
> \fi360 \sa60
> \stepstartlevel4
> This format continues for the rest of the Bible. Now the question is: 
> what on earth do I do with this dump file to turn it into a Sword module?
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris Knox
> Assistant Professor
> Internet Computing
> Southern Wesleyan University