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Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:01:02 +0100

Hey guys,

here is another piece of text that was forwarded to me.
Maybe it is interesting for the Chinese module creators.


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From:           	"Vincent Yang" <vyang@ccim.org>
To:             	"'Klaus Steigert'" <steigert@axios.de>
Subject:        	RE: FW: Please join Chinese Union Bible Source
 Standardization Project Date sent:      	Sun, 3 Nov 2002 14:07:14 -0800

Dear Klaus:

Thanks for your response.  Here is your question:
1) the CCIM new version are from the CCIM old version, except with about
1000 typo changes.  So I guess if you substitute the file, they should
compile fine.  Even if you don't use this project code for now, we could
appreciated your feedback if any user report any mistakes.
2) The place holder is a special Chinese full space (width = two English
spaces.), we use this one before God to make it as GOD, for respect,
only used when it's referring to the One and Only Almighty GOD.  However
is should not display as rectangle.  Can you tell me what font you are
using?  Some version takes out this character.  But I personally would
prefer to keep it that way, since there is a different in GOD and god.
3) Would you please send more information on the existing project from
Singapore Bible Society (GB) and the Bible Society of ROC/Taiwan (Big5).
I would be very interested to know about it.  However, since they are
from Bible Society, they might charge for copyright, just like the NIV
version, in that case, we have no choice. :(  One of our goals is
reaching out to Chinese inside Mainland China through internet.
Copyright fee will be a problem for a non-profit organization.

Looking forward to hear more from 3).  One of the purpose for me to
share this is to avoid duplicated efforts, and I think Christian should
work together so that we could get most things done with our spare
volunteer resources.

Love in Christ.