[sword-devel] Sword2?

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 30 May 2002 16:07:54 -0700

sword2.exe was a prototype written by Troy over a year ago. The modules we
have today are not compatible with that prototype anymore. The prototype is
a neat idea but it was never meant to be a working model, just a concept
that Troy and I want to build upon. Hopefully this summer we will begin
development on this. For now you can keep this in prayer, and see what the
Lord does.
In Christ,
David Trotz

The Sword Project

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> I remember that soon after I got on this mailing list, one the e-mails
> I got was about a Sword2 user interface for windows systems. What is the
> status of this project, I am curious because I have subsequently got
> requests for further implementations of the original interface for win32
> sword?
> Also, I figured I would take a look at this Sword2 thing, and a couple of
> comments that I noticed were that a few modules of each type missing that
> have installed on my computer.
> 4 of the Bible modules were missing.
> 7 of the Commentary modules were missing.
> 1 of the Lext/Dict modules were missing.
> I experienced an error stating:
> Access violation at address 004CCCFG at module 'sword2.exe'. Read of
> address 00000000
> I also notices that the Bookmark button, Search button, and the Back
> at the main docking bar was not implemented. I am happy to help with
> testing of this software and others in the future. The type of system I am
> running is a Windows 2000 Professional box with the SP2 installed. If it
> would help to know I have the latest version of Internet Explorer
> In Him,
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