[sword-devel] Sword2?

Daniel Adams - infoChi sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 30 May 2002 14:51:47 -0700

I remember that soon after I got on this mailing list, one the e-mails that
I got was about a Sword2 user interface for windows systems. What is the
status of this project, I am curious because I have subsequently got testing
requests for further implementations of the original interface for win32

Also, I figured I would take a look at this Sword2 thing, and a couple of
comments that I noticed were that a few modules of each type missing that I
have installed on my computer.
	4 of the Bible modules were missing.
	7 of the Commentary modules were missing.
	1 of the Lext/Dict modules were missing.
		I experienced an error stating:
			Access violation at address 004CCCFG at module 'sword2.exe'. Read of
address 00000000

I also notices that the Bookmark button, Search button, and the Back button
at the main docking bar was not implemented. I am happy to help with
testing of this software and others in the future. The type of system I am
running is a Windows 2000 Professional box with the SP2 installed. If it
would help to know I have the latest version of Internet Explorer installed.

In Him,
Daniel Adams - infoChi@infomagic.net

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