[sword-devel] Strongs and Additional Modules

Nichols, Lester sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 28 May 2002 17:26:39 -0700

What numbering references does the Thayer Greek Lexicon and the
Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon use? I have installed the module, but I
am unable to see any info. In addition, will I need any special fonts? 

As far as the conf file, I was testing creating one from one of the beta
modules (Amplified Bible). I was testing creation and modification of conf

This is what I made as a conf file:


Description=Amplified Bible
DistributionLicense = Public Domain
GlobalOptionFilter = GBFFootnotes
SourceType = GBF
TextSource = OLB
LCSH=Bible. English.
[Desktop Entry]


Any ideas?

Lester Nichols 
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Nichols, Lester wrote:
> I have a question regarding the Strong's Greek/Hebrew Module. I recently
> going through it and noticed that for certain Strong's numbers, there are
> not any associated references. For example: 07225 for beginning, there is
> reference associated. Is this an issue of the Strong's numbering in the
> module or that of the G/H module.

These numbers are an extension mechanism placed atop standard Strong 
numbers to indicate additional information such as morphology.

You should be using the Thayer Greek Lexicon and the Brown-Driver-Briggs 
Hebrew Lexicon.  They are far superior to the Strong Lexica and they do 
include these extended codes.

> Another question that I have is regarding modules for arm processors (more
> specifically the Zaurus). My understanding is that as long as the conf
> is available and referenced properly for the module, that the module
> be available for the Sword Reader. Is this correct? If so, then what are
> requirements for the conf file? I modified an existing file to reference
> module I added, but it does not show as an available module.

The requirements for a .conf file are module name, module path, 
description & module driver.  I think everything else is optional.  You 
can find some more documentation on .conf files at 
  If you can't figure out the problem from that, you'll have to give us 
some more information (possibly send your .conf file).


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