[sword-devel] Problems, Comments, thoughts, criticisms, complaints, queries with the latest release

Danny Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 28 May 2002 07:06:17 +0100 (BST)

THE SWORD PROJECT Version 1.5.4c

1. Searching

It still is a pain, not to be able to search in the
lexicon/dictionary...it only seems to search on one
topic, and not the entire "book".

a. When searching in a variety of books, funny
characters appear in the quotation of the book in the
search window itself (especially when searching in the
commentaries), its possible that the search window is
not UTF enabled or uses a UTF font.

b. It would be great to be able to change the book for
searching in the search window itself, rather than
having to "change the focus" (of which there is no way
to tell which book is selected)

c. It would be great to be able to see the search
phrase or words highlighted in each reference, upon
referring back to the actual book i.e. finding the
reference(and obviously the ability to clear the
highlighted phrase or word where applicable).

d. for some unknown reason, after a couple of searches
in a variety of books...a search for a word, generated
a GPF.  I then had to restart the Sword Project again
and it worked fine. (It maybe a memory issue in
Windows itself, since I had a low Ram allocation)

e. An extra button to say "search for word only" is
also much needed

f. a save settings option, to remember the last search
(or at least to remember previous searches, in a
readable log file) would not go amiss.

2. Toolbar

a. The standard buttons on the toolbar are
fine...however it would be useful to have a preference
that LOCKS the toolbar, against accidental clicking
and making the various bars move away etc.

b.  The number of Options in the Options menu is
cluttered, i suggest you rather group similar
functions and make them sub-menus of a single option.

c. A preferences button would be nice, as well as a 
button to the install manager

d. The Back button is useful, but doesn't
differentiate between books, it just goes to the
previous state disregarding books, it might be more
appropriate to have an menu as to which aspect to go

e. A Forward button would be nice.

f. a Save button (save layout) would be nice too.

3. Specific Modules

a. Copying sections out the Aleppo Module is not
working all I get is ????????????2 ????????????1.

b. I know you're working on the JFB Module (this is a
gentle reminder to get it fixed ASAP so us testers can
make sure it works!).

c. Some of the modules revert to Matthew 1:1 when it
is in fact Genesis 1:1, rather than having a blank

d. Another gentle reminder about the Apocrypha and to
add it as an option (which means changing the
protestant book list).

e. BHS Module

i. the BHS Module has many many errors in it
(regardless of the font used...), a simple comparison
of the Aleppo Module and the BHS would reveal some of
the errors, verse two of Genesis 1:1 is nearly
completely left out.  

ii. Also, its very annoying having vowels in the BHS
as a default. 

iii. The Vowels and Cantillation marks are interfering
with the spaces between letters...this is a font
problem, but can be somewhat corrected

f. A great idea for a module is R.H. Charles'
Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha...various texts of some
of his work, and others' are online...a module like
this that combines it all would set the Sword Project

4. General Points

a. The ability to change the font in specific modules
(in the various UTF languages would be useful (i.e. to
change from Code 2000 to Times New Roman, Arial MS
Code etc.

b. To create a personal commentary is nice...but what
about being able to create your own entire module
(lexicon/dictionary/encylopedia and bible translation)
For submission.  You can then save it under a specific
name, and it comes up as your own...you can then zip
and compare with friends.

c. In "e-sword" one is able to change the verse quite
quickly, by simply clicking the next verse.  It would
be nice to be able to click the next verse, and let it
change, or simply clicking the verse number.

d. It would be nice to be able to goto the next
chapter/book simply by paging down, especially if one
is simply reading a text, and one gets to the end of
the chapter.

e. The Daily Devotionals needs its own personal
addition (i.e. the ability to create your own daily
devotionals, and display them).

f. Another gentle reminder to add firewall (proxy,
http, socket 4/5) support (including password/username
option) in the install manager, then I can do more
rigourous testing at work...

Daniel Freedman aka. Dannyza

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