[sword-devel] A Call For Testers (b)

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 26 May 2002 17:53:15 +0700


I have the lasted version that you mentioned downloaded.  Has anyone
reported that if you are at chapter one of a book and hit the down
button that it goes to chapter 0!  Then hit it again and it will go to
the last chapter of the previous book.  The verse counter does the
same, except for going to verse -1 if the book is on chapter 0!!  This
is not a bad problem, but gives a very unprofessional appearance to
the program.

Also, regular expression searches are still failing.  I searched for
"g.*d" in the Book of Romans and it never returns.  I click the halt
button and it does nothing.  I click the exit box in the top right
corner and it disappears.  When I click the search button, it says it
is still trying to perform the search.  

I am looking forward to being able to search for Thai words.  Is the
bug in the windows program or in the sword library files?

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