[sword-devel] Lawyer Help: Redistribution

Tero Favorin sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 22 May 2002 09:48:47 +0300

While I would like to get all the modules free (who wouldn't), I'm ready 
to pay a reasonable amount for modules I really like to have.

To sell modules, you could consider some payment processors out there 
who take care of the order handling, transactions and electronic 
delivery. They charge 10 % - 20% of the transaction and offer multiple 
payment choices (www.kagi.com is the cheapest I know).

That way nobody would need to handle the the daily routine. Of course 
some paperwork is still needed to forward payments to copyright holders, 
but that is a monthly or quarterly task. If you have a good piece of 
software to prepare and print out the necessary reports most of the work 
is just writing out checks (or money transfers).

I submit this for your consideration.

Tero Favorin

David Trotz wrote:

>I think the big problem is... who is going to take the time needed to handle
>orders and the paperwork neccessary for these locked modules. I don't know
>that many on have given much thought to that issue, it is something we have
>talked about in the past in IRC #sword channel, but it is definately
>something that has to be resolved before we can begin to sell locked modules
>if we get the ok from the copyright holders. Please pave this with much
>prayer. Maybe some of the copyright holders will do something crazy and
>actually give us the rights for free, then the issue is solved ;)
>In Christ,
>David Trotz
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>>On Tuesday 21 May 2002 03:05 pm, Joshua Holman wrote:
>>>A few months ago, I read a survey of Pastors that concluded that the
>>>NIV, NKJV, NAS, and the NRSV were the most popular. To be a player, we
>>>should have at least 3 of the five. The other locked English Versions
>>>should fall by the wayside.
>>I wouldn't say by the wayside unless you're trying to make a profit on it.
>>it's just a ministry let those of us who are interested purchace liscenses
>>for Green's and all the other locked modules. If you're trying to reach
>>largest demographic you don't want to alienate *anyone.* Now, that's not
>>say that you should give equal emphasis to each locked module, but to
>>completely abandon them is just as foolhardy.
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