[sword-devel] Lawyer Help: Redistribution

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 21 May 2002 17:06:57 -0700

I think the big problem is... who is going to take the time needed to handle
orders and the paperwork neccessary for these locked modules. I don't know
that many on have given much thought to that issue, it is something we have
talked about in the past in IRC #sword channel, but it is definately
something that has to be resolved before we can begin to sell locked modules
if we get the ok from the copyright holders. Please pave this with much
prayer. Maybe some of the copyright holders will do something crazy and
actually give us the rights for free, then the issue is solved ;)
In Christ,
David Trotz

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> On Tuesday 21 May 2002 03:05 pm, Joshua Holman wrote:
> > A few months ago, I read a survey of Pastors that concluded that the
> > NIV, NKJV, NAS, and the NRSV were the most popular. To be a player, we
> > should have at least 3 of the five. The other locked English Versions
> > should fall by the wayside.
> I wouldn't say by the wayside unless you're trying to make a profit on it.
> it's just a ministry let those of us who are interested purchace liscenses
> for Green's and all the other locked modules. If you're trying to reach
> largest demographic you don't want to alienate *anyone.* Now, that's not
> say that you should give equal emphasis to each locked module, but to
> completely abandon them is just as foolhardy.
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