[sword-devel] Support Issues: Font and Verse Lookup Problems

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 17 May 2002 14:29:45 +0200

> There are three components to the solution of our support problems.  One
> is to write more FAQ entries.  The second is for Troy to set up forums,
> which he will hopefully do soon.  And the third is to fix the bugs that
> have been sitting on the tasklists for over a year now.
> Personally, I've been pretty soured to caring about our users by the
> minority of users who email our support list and either feel we owe them
> something or are blatantly insulting.  I don't much care if we lose
> users to other programs because I don't think I would use BibleCS myself
> in its current state.
> By and large, when I see bug reports I make a note of them to deal with
> them when I get a chance, but I don't give any response to the sender.
> If someone else is interested in providing PR, they can.

Might I make another proposal? We should not have the users email somewhere, 
resulting in the mails being forgotten or unanswered. Providing assistance is 
one way to show care for the (reasonable) support and bug items people sent 
in, probably (in some cases) after investing some serious thoughts in it.

Personally I must say that the sourceforge tracking system for bugs, support 
and feature items does a very good job with BibleTime. You don't forget 
anything, and every user gets notified of what is happening with the enquiry 
he submitted. Flames can be mass-deleted if necessary.

So I'd suggest to start using these trackers for the sword api 
(http://sf.net/projects/sword) and the Windows Frontend 
(http://sf.net/projects/biblecs - separate), rather than sending the mails to 
/dev/null. People can even look if somebody already submitted a similar item