[sword-devel] newsforge -- Unicode handling -- help wanted

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 May 2002 14:11:33 +0200

> Martin, do you think we should integrate ICU directly into Sword?  (And
> does anyone else have a serious objection to this?)  It would mean
> signifigant growth in the size of the source tree.  But this would be a
> good time to make the jump since we are about to do a CVS reorganization
> and I need to redo our ICU stuff to match the new version.
> The biggest pro of keeping them separate is not needing to
> download/compile ICU if you don't really need it.  The biggest pro of
> integrating them is being able to depend on ICU more.  ICU works on all
> of our important platforms, so there's no problem in that area.

Yes. Integrate it directly. Once this is done I'll start to integrate it in 
BibleTime as well. It will be much easier from a user's standpoint, if he 
does not need a separate package.
Troy said we can also go for the integration of InstallMgr backend 
functionality in sword. That would be nice as well, since we want to start an 
installmgr widget/app for KDE soon.