[sword-devel] newsforge -- Unicode handling -- help wanted

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 15 May 2002 16:59:45 -0700

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> Hello all,
> we were given an article on newsforge: 
> http://newsvac.newsforge.com/newsvac/02/05/14/1913250.shtml?tid=11
> Please check it out and see if you can contribute to the discussion.
It is 
> related to Unicode, Sword, BibleTime, KDE, QT and Pango already.
Thanks for 
> noticing.
> Martin

Martin, do you think we should integrate ICU directly into Sword?  (And
does anyone else have a serious objection to this?)  It would mean
signifigant growth in the size of the source tree.  But this would be a
good time to make the jump since we are about to do a CVS reorganization
and I need to redo our ICU stuff to match the new version.

The biggest pro of keeping them separate is not needing to
download/compile ICU if you don't really need it.  The biggest pro of
integrating them is being able to depend on ICU more.  ICU works on all
of our important platforms, so there's no problem in that area.