[sword-devel] module/biblecs/font bugs

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 May 2002 00:49:41 +1200

Test environment: W2K Sword.exe version  ( Thursday, 11 April 2002,
10:23:42 p.m. )

(Not necessarily all 'new' modules)

ArmZorhab: repeats a verse for missing verses

CopSarHorner: Which font is recommended?

est: Genesis 49:33 gets repeated for missing verses, Psalms also starts with
this verse

GerElb: always shows footnotes (Missing GlobalOptionFilter=GBFFootnotes)

nasb: scripture references are always shown, and when they start with a
number, (as in 1 Samuel) and are at the start of the verse, they result in
huge text shown. eg 2 Samual 16

NorBok, NorN38 & NorNyn: Lots of chapters are missing verse 1 or verses 1
and 2
eg 1 Samuel 21

Thai: (Showing Romans 9:1, with font set to Code2000) Access violation at
address 75ACB040 in module 'msls31.dll'. Read of address 01BC0000.
Followed by access violations in RICHED20.dll

Torrey: Has a problem starting somewhere around "WIND, THE", where it jumps
back to the beginning, and shows the middle of "REVENGE". Possibly a bug in
dealing with displaying till the end of the word selection list? Where
strange things start happening depends on how many words are shown.

Leupold: missing Genesis 1:1

Pink: Does Pink's commentary on John and Hebrews have any entries tied to
John? Books after Hebrews show the final entry of the second to last

RWP: James is missing, and the text of the introduction to the "General
Epistles" shown through James 0:0 is repeated.

Vincent: The 0 verse of each book shows the last verse of the second to last
chapter in the previous book. If there is no commentary for verse 1, the
incorrect commentary for verse 0 is shown instead.

When we move to supporting various versification schemes, is it possible to
rewrite the verse 0 chapter 0 stuff to be more inline with the general book
support style maybe?