[sword-devel] Creating a Thai text module

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 2 May 2002 22:26:39 +0700

Good day,

I have recently joined this list to learn more about the Sword project. I
work for a Thai organisation that would like to produce a Thai e-Book with a
Thai user interface. The Windows C++ program has some troubles with the Thai
script and font options. However, I think there are some good basics there
to convert over to Thai (Asian languages). My programming experience is with
Access, Visual Basic and recently Perl.

Various tests were done with the C++ and Visual Basic programs with another
Thai version. Now, I'd like to create a text module from ANSI text marked up
with paragraphs, headings, cross-references and foot-notes. The GBF format
description is understandable but creating the index is more difficult.
Where is there more detail about the processing of creating the index? How
are verses longer than 256 characters handled? Is there another program that
was done in Perl (my C++ knowledge is minimal)? I've read 'Creating Bible
modules' and 'Content Module Overview'.

Adrian Korten