[sword-devel] Localisation

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:39:02 -0700

	So did you write a new de_DE.conf locale for the api?  If so, is it
properly installed in the locales.d directory?  If you think so, try
your locale with the sword/tests/parsekey utility and see if it works,
like this:

./parsekey "jas1:19" de_DE

Hope this helps.


Jan Paul Schmidt wrote:
> Hi there,
> while doing a german translation for GnomeSword, I stumbled over the
> sword library and tried unsuccessfully to understand the localisation
> feature of the sword library. Now I have some questions and I hope
> someone can answer them and save me some time:
> Can sword handle locale strings like de_DE? Under my installation it
> looks like it can't.
> I'm only getting german book names, when translating them explicitly
> with the translate method, even when setting the locale explicitly with
> setDefaultLocaleName. Is this a feature or bug? Is this a
> misconfiguration on my side?
> Or maybe I don't get the API? To me the API looks like it is not
> neccessary to explicitly translate the booknames if the locale is set
> right.
> Thanks for any help in advance :o)
> jps