[sword-devel] Faster searching wanted

Nathan Youngman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:12:34 -0700

Well - I haven't necessarily done the best tests. I tried the search 
example, which was pretty slow. Threaded_search was better, and maybe 
implemented in a GUI with results being displayed progressively 
would be okay. I did try the Windows client, but only under Virtual 
PC under Mac OS X - which tends to be slow for everything :-).

I will try some kind of progressive display to minimize any 
"perceived slowness" - that is, whenever I get to searching. Right 
now I'm still just trying to figure out how to get data from VerseKey 
to populate my  interface. Long ways to go...

Of course if the speed can be improved - that couldn't be a bad 
thing. It will be nice to swap out the 1.5.3 library with a newer one 
and suddenly everything is faster/better :-).

- n8

>Well, I'm excited now because I think I have found something that I could
>work on.  In my experience with sword searching was actually quite quick and
>I never really had a 'slow' search.  However, if you (all of you, any of
>you) see a need for a better search technique I would be willing to try to
>get that running more smoothly.  As soon as I upgrade from msvc++ to BCB5
>and install the necessary components I will be glad to work on this...

Nathan Youngman
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