[sword-devel] Problem in Barnes commentary or Sword??

Chris Bitmead sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 14:07:15 +1100


I was just reading Barnes commentary of Php, and I clicked to get Php 
1:0 which I
suppose is supposed to be a summary of the book.
So I got a verse labeled Php 1:0, but the text says "Verse 33"
"Nevertheless. The apostle here resumes the subject which he had been 
discussing in #Eph 5:21-29|, and says that it was the duty of every man 
to love his wife as he did himself. This was the main topic, from which 
he had been directed by the discussion respecting the love which the 
Redeemer had shown for his church."

Which doesn't look like a comment on Php. On the other hand the Summary 
of the book of Php is
under Php 1:1 which I understand is wrong, it should be under Php 1:0 ?