[sword-devel] Bug: verse 200

Joe Tydlacka sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 10:18:10 -0800 (PST)

The bug that I have encountered stops the scanning of
the Bible at high speeds at certain locations. While
scanning at high speeds, the program will indicate
that I am at a 200th verse, while it is actually at or
near the end of the chapter. These bugs will stop any
high speed scanning.
	The first bug can be reproduced by starting beginning
only at Genesis 1:1 and by scrolling up verse by verse
(while holding down the mouse button). The program
stopped every time at Psalms 119:150, but the verse
indicator said that I was at Psalms 119:200. The
program will stop here every time. The user will have
to click the chapter up button twice to enable the
program to continue to scroll verse by verse.
	The second bug was very similar. To reproduce the
bug, one needs to begin only at Psalms 1:1 and scroll
verse by verse (very quickly by holding in the mouse
button). The program will stop at Jeremiah 50:44, but
the verse indicator will say that the user is at
Jeremiah 50: 200. One would have to click the chapter
up button once to continue with the program.
	I am using a Celeron 466Mhg. Processor, 128 Mb of
Ram, Windows 98, and Internet Explorer 6
	I am using The Sword Project version 
A Conservative Version is the Bible that is loaded.
	My contact info is: jat_001@Yahoo.com 

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