[sword-devel] Field additions to module .conf files

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 6 Mar 2002 15:42:42 +0100

	thank you for your answer!
I understand now the feature list.
Does a module with Feature=GreekParse or HebrewParse exist? I'd test 
BibleTime's default modules with this.


> I don't know the difference between Def and Parse.  They're both related
> to strongs numbers I think, but Troy added these features.  GreekDef,
> HebrewDef, GreekParse, and HebrewParse are all Features for Lexica.
> StrongsNumbers is a feature for Bibles with Strongs numbers.
> > And why is Font= still used? I thought either iso8859-1 or Unicode!
> Font will always be included.  For the moment, we still need it to
> indicate when a module needs characters not in the default Unicode font
> (e.g. WebstersDict, which was made specifically for Arial Unicode MS,
> though it should work fine on most complete Unicode 2.0 fonts).  The
> other need for font, which will never go away, is when there are
> different rendering styles for glyphs in two languages that use the same
> Unicode codepoints.  Some examples of this are Chinese- vs.
> Japanese-style characters, Coptic variants of Greek glyphs, and Old
> Church Slavonic variants of Cyrillic glyphs.  This lets us specify a
> font that uses the correct glyph style when it varies from the
> traditional style.
> We do need a better way of making fonts available to users and letting
> users know how to install them (in Windows at least).  I'll work on some
> improvements to ModDisp/ModInfo as soon as 1.5.3 is done.
> --Chris