[sword-devel] Field additions to module .conf files

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 17:03:59 -0800

> 	I have some questions about your field additions.
> What's the difference between the following possible values 
> of the Feature 
> parts?
> 		StrongsNumbers,
> 		GreekDef,
> 		HebrewDef,
> 		GreekParse,
> 		HebrewParse,
> Is GreekDef == greek StrongNumber and GreekParse==greek 
> Morphcode ? How should StrongsNumbers be used?

I don't know the difference between Def and Parse.  They're both related
to strongs numbers I think, but Troy added these features.  GreekDef,
HebrewDef, GreekParse, and HebrewParse are all Features for Lexica.

StrongsNumbers is a feature for Bibles with Strongs numbers.

> And why is Font= still used? I thought either iso8859-1 or Unicode!

Font will always be included.  For the moment, we still need it to
indicate when a module needs characters not in the default Unicode font
(e.g. WebstersDict, which was made specifically for Arial Unicode MS,
though it should work fine on most complete Unicode 2.0 fonts).  The
other need for font, which will never go away, is when there are
different rendering styles for glyphs in two languages that use the same
Unicode codepoints.  Some examples of this are Chinese- vs.
Japanese-style characters, Coptic variants of Greek glyphs, and Old
Church Slavonic variants of Cyrillic glyphs.  This lets us specify a
font that uses the correct glyph style when it varies from the
traditional style.

We do need a better way of making fonts available to users and letting
users know how to install them (in Windows at least).  I'll work on some
improvements to ModDisp/ModInfo as soon as 1.5.3 is done.