Packaging : was Re: [sword-devel] 1.5.3 progress

Brook Humphrey
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 15:37:53 -0800

On Tuesday 05 March 2002 15:09, you wrote:
> Dan Blake wrote:
> >Caldera 3.1.1  -- Uses RPM's
> >
> >I am very much a novice with Linux, but not with computers.  I would be
> >willing to make RPM's if someone could get me instructions.  I have Red
> > Hat 7.2 and Caldera 3.1.1 installed on separate machines.
> Thanks, Caldera rpms would be great. And Red Hat too. Hopefully someone
> with experience with rpms will reply soon and e abke to give instructions.
> >At this point I don't even have any extra software installed on these
> >machines.  What version of what development software do I need installed
> > to be able to compile Sword?
Sorry for the late reply. I've been playing with my mail server. I tried to 
reply sooner here it is:

I already have spec files and do builds for mandrake. Caldera will
probably not compile it correctly I have tried multiple times.

these spec files should work on redhat, suse, caldera (caldera has compiler 
problems or I would have made them sooner), and mandrake. I'm already on 
sourceforge for sword. I can post the srpms and any one interested can 
compile away. I would also be glad to answer any questions. 

I also do bibletime rpm's for mandrake with sword staticly compiled in. No 
need for sword to be installed. It make all the support files needed. If 
others whould like to know how and like the srpms for this let me know.

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