Packaging : was Re: [sword-devel] 1.5.3 progress

Daniel Glassey
Tue, 05 Mar 2002 23:09:18 +0000

Dan Blake wrote:

>Caldera 3.1.1  -- Uses RPM's
>I am very much a novice with Linux, but not with computers.  I would be
>willing to make RPM's if someone could get me instructions.  I have Red Hat
>7.2 and Caldera 3.1.1 installed on separate machines.
Thanks, Caldera rpms would be great. And Red Hat too. Hopefully someone 
with experience with rpms will reply soon and e abke to give instructions.

>At this point I don't even have any extra software installed on these
>machines.  What version of what development software do I need installed to
>be able to compile Sword?
Just the version of gcc that is the default with the distro and standard 
headers, a standard development environment. Also, zlib and it's dev 

Thanks :)

>>With 1.5.3 being imminent it would be great if people could volunteer to
>>binary packages (and source rpms) once the source release is ready. Or
>>alternatively test it on obscure architectures/OS's.
>>It will be especially be a lot easier for users when they install the GUIs
>>and gnomesword to have everything packaged.
>>Any other popular OS's or Linux distros that it could be built for?
>>Please reply to the list (and add yourself to the definitive list at
>> if you
>>like ) with any volunteering or suggestions.
>>Here's what I can think of so far:
>>other BSD's
>>Debian Linux - how many of these, or more?
>>Debian testing/woody and unstable - DanielGlassey
>>Debian potato
>>Mandrake Linux - how many of these, or more?
>>Mandrake 8.1
>>Mandrake 8.0
>>Mandrake 7.2
>>Mandrake 6.1
>>RedHat Linux - how many of these, or more?
>>RedHat 7.2
>>RedHat 7.1
>>RedHat 7.0
>>RedHat 6.2
>>RedHat 5.2
>>Slackware Linux
>>Sun Solaris
>>Suse Linux - how many of these, or more?
>>Suse 7.3
>>Suse 7.2
>>Suse 7.1
>>Suse 7.0
>>Suse 6.4
>>Windows - included  with Windows UI

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