[sword-devel] IMAGES in SWORD

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 03 Mar 2002 18:55:54 -0700

> Yes, we should use ThML.  (You could also use OSIS, but the OSIS filters
> may not make it into 1.5.3.  1.5.3 is supposed to be finalized in the
> next couple days... maybe today?  But my OSIS filters are still only
> about 1/2 done, and the Beta release of OSIS isn't going to happen for a
> couple days either.)  So just use the <img> tag like you would with
> If you want to link to something on the internet, you can obviously use
> a full path, but local resources should have paths somehow relative to
> the data directory as you suggest.  I tinkered around with this for the
> Catholic Encyclopedia and came up with the convention of putting all
> images under the images directory, and then referencing them as
> "images/imagename.jpg".
> Leaving the images as separate files is one option (and the option Troy
> seemed to like).

:)  It's just alot easier.  I say let's support it easy, then if it ever
becomes priority, we can add more complex / efficient storage of images.

And besides, I just added image support.  Here's how it works...

Make the src of your image look like this  <img src="/pic.jpg"> or if
you prefer, <img src="/images/pic.jpg>

the src MUST begin with a '/', otherwise, the filter assumes you know
what you're doing (possibly referencing an external source somewhere)
and leaves the tag unchanged.

The thmlhtml and thmlhtmlhref filters now use a few new mechanisms to
prepend the module datapath to the beginnings of all these tags.  These
images should then be located in the module relative to their DataPath=
entry in the config file.  Let me know if it works.