[sword-devel] Corrections in HunKar module

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 3 Mar 2002 00:45:08 +0100


I try to answer some of your questions, but I'm not sure about some points.

> I want to generate a new Hungarian Karoli module, because the one in
> the distribution is near unusable (the encoding is an old non
> standard DOS based one and there is several tousend converting bugs).
> Where can I find documentation about the format of files suiatble for
> vpl2mod?

If you run "vpl2mod" without options, you get the following:

joachim@joachim:/work/devel/cvs/anonsword/sword/utilities> ./vpl2mod 
usage: ./vpl2mod <source_vpl_file> </path/to/output/mod/> [0|1 - prepended 
verse refs] [0|1 - NT only]

        With no verse refs, source file must contain exactly 31102 lines.
        This is KJV verse count plus headings for MODULE,
        TESTAMENT, BOOK, CHAPTER. An example snippet follows:

                MODULE HEADER
                OLD TESTAMENT HEADER
                GENESIS HEADER
                CHAPTER 1 HEADER
                In the beginning...

        ... implying there must also be a CHAPTER2 HEADER,
        EXODUS HEADER, NEW TESTAMENT HEADER, etc.  If there is no text for
        the header, a blank line must, at least, hold place.

        With verse refs, source file must simply contain any number of lines,
        that begin with the verse reference for which it is an entry.  e.g.:

                gen 1:0 CHAPTER 1 HEADER
                gen 1:1 In the beginning...
Running "vpl2mod source.vpl /output/path/ 1" expects a file with the format
                gen 1:0 CHAPTER 1 HEADER
                gen 1:1 In the beginning...
One Verse Per Line --> VPL. I hope this is useful for you.

> When I run the mod2vpl utility on the module there are some tags
> between <> in the text. What does these tags mean?

You mean the tags appear only in the created module?

> Is it possible import cross references to a module? My text is rich
> in crossreferences and I found it usable during study.

Yes, crossreferences are possible. Sword supports the General Bible Format 
(GBF) and the Theological Markup Language (ThML). The standard defintions are 
available on the net.
Support for crossreferences is comming (I know, that GnomeSword and BibleTime 
support them). If you have questions about crossreferences don't hesitate to 
ask on this list.
I think it'll also be helpful to have a look at modules like the ISV to see 
how crossreferences are used.