[sword-devel] Corrections in HunKar module

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 2 Mar 2002 13:55:53 -0800

You can use either GBF or ThML to mark texts (and note the sourcetype in
its .conf file).  I just redid the Hungarian module from Unbound Bible's
files, which are in UTF-8.  It will go on the server as soon as
possible, but if you have a version with more information (such as
cross-references) we can replace it with that version.  To mark a
cross-reference in GBF, place it between a <RX> and an <Rx>.  This
correct GBF, but it's what Sword understands.


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> Subject: [sword-devel] Corrections in HunKar module
> Hello,
> I want to generate a new Hungarian Karoli module, because the one in 
> the distribution is near unusable (the encoding is an old non 
> standard DOS based one and there is several tousend 
> converting bugs). Where can I find documentation about the 
> format of files suiatble for 
> vpl2mod?
> When I run the mod2vpl utility on the module there are some tags 
> between <> in the text. What does these tags mean?
> Is it possible import cross references to a module? My text is rich 
> in crossreferences and I found it usable during study.
> Thanks
> Gyula Mentler