[sword-devel] newbie problem making a module

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 12:37:53 -0700

> Nope, according to mod2vpl on the two modules I have installed, the
> LONG names are the right ones. Besides, I just tried the short ones and
> get exactly the same (uninformative) errors.
> I see, in looking at the output of mod2vpl, that the two modules I have
> contain a LOT of <91> and <92> characters, as well as a fair number of <CM>
> thingies at the end of apparently random lines. According to 'man ascii',
> a <91> is a '[' and a <92> is a backslash. I see no sensible reason why
> these would be embedded in the text in these places, so again I would
> appreciate some useful advice.
> Thanks again!

Those numbers are in hex not dec.  They are in Codepage 1252 and 
represent single quotes.  <CM> is from GBF and represents the end of a 

The verse parser is very smart, and the head of each line goes into the 
verse parser, so you can use most formats.  I personally use the format 
"bkch:vs"  such as Gen1:1 or Rev22:21.  It shouldn't matter in any case, 
but it can simplify any processing you need to do if the verse reference 
is contained in a single string without whitespace.  "bk ch:vs" is fine 
too if you keep in mind the extra space.  There are a few books in 
canon.h that Troy insists leaving with non-standard long names that have 
  spaces in them, so watch out for numbered books (e.g. 1Sam, which have 
roman numerals followed by a space) and Revelation (which is called 
"Revelation of John") in the event that want to process exported Sword data.