[sword-devel] newbie problem making a module

Daniel Blake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 18:35:18 -0400

I don't understand the mindset that refuses to acknowledge the usefulness of
tools that have a user interface. GUI's are necessary for the average user
to create modules we could all benefit from. There are many people I know
that have knowledge from God that would be beneficial to the rest of us.
Most, if not all, of these people would never even consider making a module
using the current method.

I think we need to examine who we are creating The Sword Project for. The
module creation tools that exist are GREAT if we want to remain some Elite
Group of computer guru's. If The Sword Project is really being made to be
used by "regular" people then we need to make tools that "regular" people
can and will use.
I'm not trying to start the command line / GUI holy wars. Let's just take an
unbiased look at this topic and see what the best solution would be.

Daniel Blake

> > >more to the point, we need a front end module maker for bibles,
> > >and lexicons for windows
> >
> > While your statement is correct, the context is wrong.
> >
> > Fred is able to use commandline tools, but he is either having
> > problems with his input files or with his calling syntax.
> Yeah, apparently.
> I'm a long-time Unix user, I have no problem with command-line tools.
> Lets don't have a gratuitous gui-fication of tools where it adds no
> useful functinality.
> > The real problem is that the error messages are not helpful. And if
> Amen!
> > the input file is corrupt, the tool is not fault-tolerant enough to
> > catch the error (or output a helpful message). So if you just take the
> > commandline tool core and wrap a UI around it, many problems will
> > still remain.
> So, back to my problem.... I don't see it documented anywhere WHICH
> names are to be used for the books... I was assuming it was the full
> names, i.e., the first ones in the array. Am I wrong, should it be the
> abbreviated names, the second column in the array?
> Was just trying to run mod2vpl, again, on an existing module to refresh
> my memory and verify this item, but now I can't get it to find the
> input module. Duh, must be having a senior moment.
> Useful advice will be appreciated.
> Fred
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