[sword-devel] science and doctrine

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Jun 2002 10:24:35 +0200

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> The software I write is useful among other for checking whether my concept
> is true or false. So please accept my software into the distributions, use
> it (together with artices I am going to write) or even independently to
> *check* whether the concept is true, and if the check will show that it is
> false, cut my piece of code from a next release!
> I just ask you to follow the principles of science (one of which is not to
> reject to check a teaching as also stated in Bible) even in theology.
> Well, if my concept is false, it is absolutely harmless as anybody knowing
> ancient Hebrew would be able to see its falsehood (and one not knowing will
> be just unable to use it).

You are totally wrong. Sword is not the place to test a theory like this. Heh, 
why don't we include some stuff from Jehovah's witnesses to see if they are 
right? (Apart from having their Modules to learn about them)

As you said you are trying to convince as many christians as possible to 
reject the vowels in the Hebrew text. That is your motivation, not testing 
your theory. So forget it.

It works this way instead: 
- - make your theory public and prove it in a scientific way
- - have it accepted by many theologians and mainstream christianity
THEN we can go and add your stuff. Not the other way round.

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